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Beth Krugler is an extremely effective, insightful and compassionate mediator. With a background in psychology, she has the ability to obtain the trust of our clients, making them feel good about the process and the outcome.
Guy Choate (Webb Stokes & Sparks) San Angelo, TX
Out of the numerous mediators I have worked with across the United States, Beth Krugler truly stands apart as a master at the art of mediation. I would not hesitate to recommend Beth for a mediation in Texas or even elsewhere, as I consider her one of a small number of mediators that could effectively handle a mediation outside of her home jurisdiction. 
Eric A. Welter (Welter Law Firm) Herndon, VA 

Beth helped the parties reach a resolution in a difficult case where a mother was grieving the death of her child. I truly believe mediation would have failed but for her hard work and ability. Beth is able to see the issues both sides need addressed to resolve the case. She's a supremely skilled and talented mediator. 
Mike Stewart (The Simmons Firm) Alton, IL
Totally professional and absolutely dedicated to finding a just resolution. Every mediation has been a rewarding experience. 
Paul Gold (Aversano & Gold) Houston, TX
At the end of the day, a good mediator must have the trust of both parties to resolve the case. Each party must feel comfortable that the mediator is doing the right thing for their best interest to get the case settled. Beth Krugler does just that. 
Steve Young (Tavormina & Young) Houston, TX
The improbable she settles today... the impossible may take a little longer. Beth Krugler--Mediation Marine.
Kathlyn Wilson, Austin, TX
It is rare to find a mediator that is equally well respected and well-liked by both sides of the Bar. Beth has a very effective way of engaging the parties to try and resolve the case without being pushy or overbearing! She is not just someone who passes offers back and forth between the parties, but works hard to understand the issues in the case and to assist the parties in meaningful discussions concerning the value of their claim. 
David Nix (The Nix Firm) Wichita Falls, TX
Excellent job, hard-working, very intuitive at reading the parties and attorneys. 
Ken Valka (Baird Crews Schiller & Whitaker) Temple, TX
I wish you could mediate all of my cases. I sincerely believe you are the best mediator that I've been with and you do the best job. At least I never feel like you are just forcing the plaintiff to take whatever the defendant wants to pay to keep your numbers up. 
Marc A. Zito (Jones & Granger) Houston, TX
Beth is prepared and hands-on. She is intuitive and quickly gets to the key issues. She also has a way of putting people at ease. I would definitely recommend her. 
Laura Grabouski (Buchanan Dimasi Dancy Grabouski) Austin, TX

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