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The improbable she settles today... the impossible may take a little longer. Beth Krugler: Mediation Marine. 
Kathlyn Wilson, Austin, TX
Beth Krugler truly stands apart as a master at the art of mediation. She has been particularly effective in employment cases, where the parties' emotions often complicate the process. Beth is well prepared, highly professional and able to navigate the parties between the law, the facts and their emotions in order to achieve a practical and reasonable resolution. 
Eric A. Welter (Welter Law Firm) Herndon, VA
Beth stays engaged and continues her mediation efforts if the case does not settle during the mediation session.
Susan Travis (Stromberg Stock) Dallas, TX
I wish Beth could mediate all of my cases. I sincerely believe she's the best mediator that I've worked with and does the best job. And I never feel like she's just forcing the plaintiff to take whatever the defendant wants to pay to keep her numbers up. 
Marc A. Zito (Jones & Granger) Houston, TX
Excellent job, hard-working, and very intuitive at reading the parties and attorneys. 
Ken Valka (Baird Crews Schiller & Whitaker) Temple, TX

For the attorney, insurance professional, corporate representative, or other "frequent flyer":

Will Beth require that we have an opening session?

Beth is aware that over time, opening sessions have fallen out of favor. While she is open to discussing with the attorneys their thoughts as to whether the opening session will be of help, there are two things you need to know. First, if an opening session is utilized, you will not have to listen to Beth talk about Beth. She does not waste time reviewing her credentials, going over the benefits of mediation or telling war stories. Second, she fully appreciates that the lawyers are often more than ready to "get this show on the road" and see the opening session as a waste of time. However, the same is not always the case for all involved, and it is Beth's job to make sure that everyone is in a position to optimize the likelihood of settlement. 

Finally, please be assured that Beth is always happy to discuss how the ins and the outs of the opening session, as well as how every step of the process, can best be used to maximize the parties' chances for settlement.

How do we get Beth materials ahead of time?

Please email materials to Beth's assistant Angie Maze and to Beth, or if you prefer, you may fax them to 817-377-8082. Of course, you are always free to mail, hand-deliver or FedEx the same to our office. 

We ask to receive all materials five days in advance of our mediation, if at all possible. While sometimes Beth is able to review materials received shortly before mediation, this is not a wise practice if you have information you sincerely need for her to be aware of ahead of time.  Typically, Beth's only opportunity to review materials is of an evening or weekend, in that most weeks, we are mediating all day, each and every day.

Is Beth available to talk over the phone about the case?

Beth does not make or return phone calls during an on-going mediation, even when the parties with whom she is currently working are talking privately. She has found that talking with other lawyers distracts her from the case at hand, and stands in the way of her keeping up with the nuances of the mediation she's currently engaged in. Accordingly, if you call and she is in session, she will call you when the mediation is over, or the next day before she begins a new case.

Actually, the best way to communicate with Beth is via email. She keeps an eye out for emails that come in for her throughout the day, and is typically able to send out at least a quick response telling you when she will be able to respond in more detail.

Is everything we say in front of Beth considered confidential unless we tell her otherwise?

No. For the most part, Beth knows what information is "sharable" and what information is to be kept confidential. However, in the event there is material that may not readily appear to require confidentiality she asks that you let her know. Of course, if something should arise that Beth has any doubt about, she will keep her mouth shut until she's had the opportunity to discuss the same with you.

Does Beth charge for overtime? 

Yes. After-session overtime is billed at the hourly rate of $150 per party. When substantial additional work is required of Beth after the parties leave mediation, she will keep you posted regarding the charges as they accumulate. You will have no reason to be surprised by any bill you receive from us.

We need to have Beth's signed W-9 before we can get a check. How do we go about getting that?

Please contact Angie Maze ( or 817-377-8081) and she will get you what you need within the following business day.

Who is ultimately responsible for Beth's fees?

As the attorney retaining Beth's services, you are the responsible party. Of course, should you want your client to advance Beth the fee on your behalf, you are welcome to do so.

M Beth Krugler, JD, MS

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