Although she can certainly handle routine cases, I typically seek her out as a mediator in more complex cases. She understands all of the nuances of the complex case. She gets the job done and has effectively managed every case we have mediated. 
Rick Byrne (Ekvall & Byrne, LLP) Dallas, TX

Beth makes a point to read all of the documents submitted by the parties prior to the mediation, and comes through the door prepared to discuss the details of each case. She does a fantastic job getting to know the parties and their lawyers. 
Jana Taylor Hicks (Karel & Hicks) Dallas, TX
Beth is a world class mediator who works tirelessly to find a resolution for litigants. She doesn't just "carry water" back and forth. She challenges both sides, helps you and your client understand the competing perspectives of the case, and has a way of almost always bringing the parties together to find common ground. The bottom line—Beth gets deals done. 
Jason Stephens (Stephens Anderson Cummings) Fort Worth, TX
I have used Beth as a mediator for a number of years. I am a defense attorney and I have found her to be impartial, well prepared, and not afraid to point out the problems with my case. 
Robert T. Walls (Hoagland, Farish & Palmarozzi) Irving, TX
Beth always seems to find a way to get the deal done. It's as if she can get inside people's heads and see what it would take to get them to want to settle. She's a real professional. 
Denise Cotter Villani (Ogletree Deakins) Dallas, TX
Beth Krugler is an extremely effective, insightful and compassionate mediator. With a background in psychology, she has the ability to obtain the trust of our clients, making them feel good about the process and the outcome. 
Guy Choate (Webb Stokes & Sparks) San Angelo, TX
Beth harmonizes tenacity, patience and approachability in a smart, empathic manner. My clients trust Beth to mediate a fair resolution. She delivers dependable effort, innovative thinking and a friendly voice. They don't get any better than Beth. 
Anthony O'Hanlon (Sanders, O'Hanlon & Motley) Sherman, TX
It is rare to find a mediator equally well respected and well-liked by both sides of the Bar, but Beth is. She has a very effective way of engaging the parties to resolve the case without being pushy or overbearing. 
David Nix (The Nix Firm) Wichita Falls, TX
Out of the numerous mediators I have worked with across the United States, Beth Krugler truly stands apart as a master at the art of mediation. I would not hesitate to recommend Beth for a mediation in Texas or even elsewhere, as I consider her one of a small number of mediators that could effectively handle a mediation outside of her home jurisdiction. 
Eric A. Welter (Welter Law Firm, P.C.) Herndon, VA
Mediation must have been designed with Beth in mind. More than any mediator I know, she combines the knowledge, experience, intuition, and compassion to consistently reach successful outcomes even in the most complex and emotional cases. 
Steve Maxwell (Bailey & Galyen) Fort Worth, TX
Beth is an outstanding mediator. She is a great listener, very creative, never quits and she gets great results. Her vast experience and skill in the negotiating process makes her one of the top choices among mediators in Texas.
Dan McDonald (McDonald Law Firm) Fort Worth, TX

Where deals get done.

Whether first time litigant, lawyer or risk management professional, litigation is expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

After weeks, months and possibly years of living in the midst of legal turmoil, often the parties (and sometimes, their lawyers) are out of fresh ideas and simply stuck. Mediation gives the parties a time and place to rethink what they're shooting for, as well as to reassess their chances of achieving it. Working with an outside neutral third party, and one who has the energy, intelligence and experience necessary, makes that fresh assessment possible.

When working with the right person, mediation offers a way off the litigation merry-go-round. While the process is not necessarily an easy one, if you are working with Beth Krugler, you will be guided through negotiations in such a way as to make settlement a reality.


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