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The improbable she settles today... the impossible may take a little longer. Beth Krugler: Mediation Marine. 
Kathlyn Wilson, Austin, TX
Beth Krugler truly stands apart as a master at the art of mediation. She has been particularly effective in employment cases, where the parties' emotions often complicate the process. Beth is well prepared, highly professional and able to navigate the parties between the law, the facts and their emotions in order to achieve a practical and reasonable resolution. 
Eric A. Welter (Welter Law Firm) Herndon, VA
Beth stays engaged and continues her mediation efforts if the case does not settle during the mediation session.
Susan Travis (Stromberg Stock) Dallas, TX
I wish Beth could mediate all of my cases. I sincerely believe she's the best mediator that I've worked with and does the best job. And I never feel like she's just forcing the plaintiff to take whatever the defendant wants to pay to keep her numbers up. 
Marc A. Zito (Jones & Granger) Houston, TX
Excellent job, hard-working, and very intuitive at reading the parties and attorneys. 
Ken Valka (Baird Crews Schiller & Whitaker) Temple, TX

For the Court and Personnel:

How much time is typically necessary for Beth to get a case on her calendar?

When the Court specially requests an expedited session, Beth will mediate on a weekend or evening basis. When it is not necessary that the case be mediated on an expedited basis, a window of 45-60 days advanced notice is helpful. When ordered to mediate within a shorter time range than this, it is often difficult--if not impossible--to accommodate a setting that works for all involved.

Will Beth or her assistant call the Coordinator, or send a letter notifying the Court of the results of mediation?

Whenever Beth is aware that a case is set for trial within thirty days, either she or her assistant Angie Maze will notify the court of the case's status within 24 hours of the mediation's conclusion, as well as send a letter. When the case is not set within that time frame, she simply sends the Court a letter, notifying of the outcome, and of course, copies the attorneys on this letter as well.

Does Beth work with pro se parties?

Pro se parties present a special set of concerns, particularly if the pro se party is not able to fully understand and appreciate that Beth is not acting as "their lawyer" but is truly a neutral third party attempting to help both sides accomplish out of court closure. While Beth is not opposed to taking on these cases, she may require that pro se parties submit their materials and payment well in advance of the date set for mediation, to ensure that a) she feels capable of taking on the case in question and b) she will be paid.

What information is important for the Court to provide us ahead of time?

The standard mediation order, including the full case style, names, phone numbers, addresses and email contact information is really all we need from the Court. Once we receive that information, we will begin the process of contacting the parties' counsel and confirming a date and time for mediation.

M Beth Krugler, JD, MS

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