Famous Accolades: Real and Imagined
(but mainly imagined)

"When I'm around her, I just feel boring."

The Most Interesting Man in the World

"I know I always say 15 minutes will save you 15%, but if you want a really good deal, use that time to call Beth."

The Geico Gecko

"Years ago, Beth told me I had no business owning the Dallas Cowboys. Such a silly woman."

Jerry Jones

"When I knew I had to quit smoking, it was Beth I called for support."

Barack Obama

"HOLY CRAP…should've called Beth!"

Jose Bautista

"She's my rock and who I look to when the going gets tough."

Adrian Beltre

"Her makeup is amazing!"

Lady Gaga

"Whenever I'm feeling down, Beth sends the perfect text that cracks me up and makes me stop feeling sorry for myself."

The Dalai Lama

"Best. Human. Ever."

Pogo, Belgian Shepherd. Best. Dog. Ever.

M Beth Krugler, JD, MS

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