Totally professional and absolutely dedicated to finding a just resolution. Every mediation has been a rewarding experience.
Paul Gold (Aversano & Gold) Houston, TX
Beth Krugler is fair, unbiased and amazingly successful with cases that don't seem resolvable. She's a pleasure to work with.
Marc Fanning (Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin) Dallas, Texas
Beth is a whiz at getting the most challenging cases settled. I can think of two rather difficult matters I never thought would settle and Beth made it happen. By engaging the parties, she makes them feel as they are truly a part of the process and finds creative ways to resolve cases. Beth is a great mediator and an excellent choice. 
Jana Taylor Hicks (Karel & Hicks) Dallas, TX
Beth is always at the top of my list for mediators as she delivers the best chance for settlement. 
David Sargent (Hermes Sargent Bates) Dallas, TX
I have mediated many, many FELA cases with Beth and she has always found a way to get the case settled. Beth does not just take numbers from one room to the other, she interrogates both sides to expose the good, bad and the ugly. This is great for the recalcitrant plaintiff who thinks their case is worth a lot more. It is also great for the defendant who needs to hear their weak points to get more money on the table. 
Steve Young (Tavormina & Young) Houston, TX
Beth has mediated many cases for me, primarily personal injury and employment cases. She is always well-prepared and creative in her suggested solutions. She presses my clients but does so in a way that encourages movement and does not shut them down. 
Susan Travis (Stromberg Stock) Dallas, TX
Beth has the savvy needed to size up the situation immediately, identifying and focusing on impediments to settlement. She has the creativity to fashion innovative solutions when the circumstances call for them. 
Dan Barrett (Taylor Olson Adkins Sralla Elam) Fort Worth, TX
Against all odds, she got our case settled and with a better outcome than I had expected. 
Caroline Harrison (Cantey Hanger) Fort Worth, TX

About M Beth Krugler, JD, MS

Since 1979, M. Beth Krugler has been on a unique career path leading her to become a top Texas mediator and regular go-to professional when the results really matter.


A Baylor Law School grad (February 1985) Beth put herself through school utilizing the Master's of Science (Psychology) she'd earned years earlier from Texas A&M. First hired by a large and venerable Fort Worth firm to do commercial litigation as well as insurance defense, Beth enjoyed learning the legal ins and outs from some of Texas' best litigators.

However, after a few years, Beth found she was often distracted by her tendency to see not only her own client's perspective, but the opposing party's as well. Thinking she would be better suited for an in-house position, Beth joined a large Fortune 500 corporation, where she was hired to do labor arbitration.

Soon realizing advocating in the arbitration setting was not all that different from litigating in the courtroom, in 1992 Beth opened her mediation firm specializing in resolving disputes outside the courtroom or arbitrator's office. It was in this setting that Beth's energy, experience and interpersonal skills were fully utilized, and as they say, the rest is history. To date, she's successfully resolved over 4000 cases and counting.

Since discovering mediation as her professional niche, Beth's name has appeared on virtually every law related "Who's Who" published. Acknowledged by Martindale-Hubble as a top AV rated lawyer from the first year eligible, Beth has gone on to be named a Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly for several years running. She's also been on the annual "Best Of" lists published by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine, as well as Fort Worth Business Press.

Locally, Beth was elected President of the Tarrant County Bar Association (2003-2004) and served in various other capacities throughout the years, including involvement on a State-wide basis. Her most prestigious honor to date, however, was being given the Professionalism Award by the Tarrant County Bar Association in 2013, which is awarded annually to the lawyer chosen as best exemplifying consistent excellence and professionalism. To Beth, this is not just an honor recognizing past performance, but stands as a personal directive to continue to provide her best efforts in helping litigants and lawyers fully and thoughtfully consider all of their options when facing the uncertainties and expense of litigation.

Angie Maze - Scheduling Coordinator

Angie brings over 25 years of experience working with the Courts, attorneys and their legal assistants. A Washington state transplant with several years legal experience in the Seattle and Vancouver area, Angie's first position in the Tarrant County legal community was working with the Honorable Sue Walker prior to her taking the bench in January 2001.

Angie very much appreciates the time demands placed on everyone in your office. In keeping with this, she will do all she can to expedite the administrative aspects involved in setting your case for mediation including coordinating with court personnel and opposing counsel as requested.

If at any time you have a question regarding anything of an administrative nature, (whether that may be our tax I.D. number, starting times, how cancellations are handled, etc), please call 817.377.8081 or email Angie A quick response will be forthcoming.

M Beth Krugler, JD, MS

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