M. Beth Krugler is an attorney, mediator and consultant.
Drawing from her work in law as well as in psychology, Beth will work hard to achieve the goals you set.

When you mediate with Beth, you can know she will give 100% as she works with all sides to look objectively at your lawsuit. Drawing from her extensive experience with juries, she moves both sides to explore how their case may look from the perspective of a neutral third party, hearing the facts for the first time. In this regard, you can count on her to identify those questions that a jury is likely to raise about your case, thereby helping you assess the pros and cons of settlement.

When you have Beth design training for your company, firm or association, you can rest assured she will not come with a canned, one-size-fits-all presentation. Instead, she will gather information from you as well as members of your group, exploring what areas may be holding people back from reaching their potential. As a result, her presentations are alive and vital; the audience is engaged and participates. Learning and change take place.

When you work with Beth as a trial consultant, she provides valuable assistance on many fronts. Whether it’s early in a case and you’re looking for an objective case evaluation, or mid-discovery and you want help preparing a vital witness for deposition, or you’re on the eve of trial and need assistance pulling together a truly helpful jury questionnaire, Beth provides the fresh insights you’re looking for. Always candid, you can count on Beth to give you the straight shot.

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M. Beth Krugler

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